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Start-up event – DC Startup & Tech Expo 2017

DC area: Tomorrow, June 28, the no-cost DC Startup & Tech Expo 2017 takes place in Arlington, VA. The 4pm to 8pm event is hosted by TechBreakfast, and has over 100 startups and tech companies participating. There are four types of free attendee tickets, and two sponsor-type options.  The attendee types are: General Admission, Job […]

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8 Podcasts for Startups, plus bonuses

Finding your motivation as a new startup founder, evangelist, investor, rockstar… was easy. Maintaining it may or may not be easy. But, maintaining your awareness of your ecosystem is crucial. Why? Because facts, rumors, and trends will assist you in knowing how you and your project’s trajectory match up to your intended real world situations. […]

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Startup Rockstars #9 video announcement

Here’s a quick announcement video we did for the next event… the audio was a bit changed by the editing software.  You can sign up for the event using the links here.  Just announced was the presentation by Tweetion. The hashtag for the event is #SR9. The image below is from the video clip of […]

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Local web startup-friendly incubators – DC, Maryland, Virginia

This post is a challenge of sorts… in trying to find local places that would be web-startup friendly, there wasn’t a handy list.   As opposed to biotech, general incubators, etc., the list is an attempt to show physical locations that people can work.  Not all of these places below may have rentable facilities, and it […]

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MOBILE TECH cocktail DC event comes to town

Next week on May 5 is the next TechCocktail event – of the mobile variety.  The MOBILE TECH cocktail DC event is coming to the area, via a gathering at Current Sushi in Washington DC. The attendees – mobile techies, gadget junkies, & others – will see a showcase and some development how-to’s for the […]

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Social Matchbox spring 2010 event

This Thursday, April 29, 2010, there is the next Social Matchbox event at the US Navy Memorial Heritage Center in Washington DC.  The night will feature startups, along with networking and awards.  The list of presenters was announced & updated today by Social Matchbox and is: Brewery Fans cardagin CardStar Couples Spark Heliograph Replyz Ringio Shout Reel Starfish Retention […]

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Startup Rockstars #9 Announced

The next Startup Rockstars event is May 12, 2010, in the large auditorium at the Arlington Central library. The lineup includes several startups, including FeedbackArmy. More details as they are released, and also on the event signup page.

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Startup Rockstars 8 – DC – Recap

A mix of about 100 entrepreneurs, media, investors, and others gathered yesterday for the eighth Startup Rockstars event.  It was on the swank 12th floor space at Latham & Watkins in downtown Washington DC. Between slices of pizza, slices of conversation, and servings of startup demos, the crowd enjoyed the night. The preso’s started with […]

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3 Questions To Start Up Your Mornings

A new company takes care to plan their start-up phase very carefully.  It’s the beginning, and setting direction is important.  And every day we startup ourselves, but perhaps don’t usually think much about it.  Is there any guidance for entrepreneurs on how to kick off a new day?  And can these tactics be used by […]

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Startup Rockstars 8 Announced – Washington DC

Startup Rockstars #8 will be in Washington DC, on March 3, 2010.  The line-up of presenters for the first Startup Rockstars event this year will be announced later this month, along with other participants in the event.  The location is Latham & Watkins, in downtown DC. The sign-up for the event will be available on Eventbrite […]

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