Five Slide Decks For Startups

the original incubator 1.0 cartoon stripHere are several slide deck presentations aimed at startups of technology companies.  There are too many to put into one post, and future groups will be added & linked somewhere in this post.

1. The slide deck below is “Designing For Social Traction” and starts off with issues related to users of a (new) website, and moves on to how design affects users & behavior on a website. It includes some of the psychological reasons for what happens online as users decide to commit to joining and interacting with a site (& community):

2. Marketing online now includes old-school PR & ads, and newer social media campaigns.  The largest social media site, Facebook,  may one day become the largest social marketing site.  Online startups need to factor a Facebook presence into their marketing strategy (and participate in the community that is there):

3. The presentation below is “Find Investors” and covers some of the basics:

Find Investors

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4. 12 Fold Way To Venture Capital Funding – shows a longer overview including roadmap, business plans, financials, and investor pitches:

5. And to wrap up, a humorous yet serious look titled “Startup Metrics for Pirates: AARRR! (SXSW March 2008)” that mixes a hearty pirate outlook with web 2.0 aspects. Besides looking at customer lifecycle & conversion behavior, it gives a real-case experience of challenges faced by dogster. And, did you ever want to know the definition of “AARRR“? Click away, maties:

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