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Tuesdays are startup news days here.

This week the attention is on the DEMO event, which is being streamed live. Our own Startup Rockstars alumni Diditz is there, along with dozens of other startups. (see articles at the bottom of the post)

And in other news, the economy (at least in the US) continues to show signs of improvement.

Recent articles & blog posts:

4 solid ways to engage a venture capitalistSmart Planet
(the above found via: Social Networking May Help Entrepreneurs Connect With Venture CapitalistsGaebler)

What Have VCs Really Done for Innovation?TechCrunch

Venture Capitalist At Your ServiceVentureBlog

They’re drinking it up in New York – LA Times (about success selling bottled NY tap water)


Entrepreneur advice: break down brick walls – Vator.TV – Bambi Francisco interviews Lorenzo Carver (Sept. 2009)

Tapping In To Creative Potential – George Kembel in the clip below explores the question: Is creativity available to all of us, of just the gifted?  This video about the explores the idea of latent creativity:

More articles related to DEMO

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