Term Sheets 101

Term Sheets

term sheets 101An additional piece of lingo that may be involved in financing your venture is term sheet, which is a document containing the basic terms and conditions of a yet-to-ironed-out agreement.  You may want to understand some of the nuances of these documents, including what an investor may think is ideal.

There is at least one online business planning option with the online term sheet generator (from Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati).

And thanks to embeddable slides and documents, you can also view some sample term sheets below, along with a slide deck of term sheet hacks.

Here is an example (embedded) – a ficticious term sheet designed to help entrepreneurs get a start on creating their own:

Term Sheet

A downloadable customizable term sheet (from TheFunded) is embedded below:

FFI Plain Preferred Term Sheet

And from 2007 are these term sheet hacks from Dave McClure:

The term sheet hacks and sample term sheet above can be read while listening to this post’s video – Shedaisy‘s “In Terms Of Love” song.

The video is about 3 1/2 minutes long.

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  1. If you check out Amplifier Network/start up world you’ll find various materials on how to structure deals. I also blog on these matters from time to time, so check the archives. The one point that I would like to caution all entrepreneurs on is that deal terms are reflective of supply and demand of capital and the start up rockstars material is very entrepreneur friendly. If you want to get these terms have a hot company and create competition. But, don’t be surprised if terms are much, much harder. Good luck.

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