Online Funding Resources: 10 Entrepreneur and Investor Communities & Portals

Online Community

As a follow-up to last week’s post DC Investors Venture Capital (VC) List, here are some resources to reach out beyond your local geographic area, wherever you are.

Some of these sites attempt to use the best aspects of online social communities to enable entrepreneurs to help each other, in areas of financing their ventures, and in other areas such as networking and business planning.

Before we get to the list, you may want to take an online quiz or take this online survey to see if you’re ready for funding. Or, perhaps read up on why some plans don’t get funded.

Online Funding Communities For Entrepreneurs


A community designed “to bring the power of collaboration technologies to the early-stage investment industry”, from both the entrepreneur side and the investor side.


“Entrepreneur Factor” – A community and virtual marketplace portal that includes a venture Financing section, along with a jobs directory, coaching, videos, events, networking and other tools.


An online listing service for entrepreneurs & investors.   They also have in-person community events and conferences, and have videos of past events online.


Online portal “platform to bring entrepreneurs, business owners and investors (angel investors and venture capitalists) closer”, including a section for posting & viewing ideas.


Provides a “virtual rolodex” portal for funding requests, along with business plan help from advisors and experts in the community.

Mid-Atlantic Investor Network

A regionally-focused, web-based matching service, which also connects entrepreneurs to investors in “30 of our other investment network sites located around the world”.


Focuses on small loans, including entrepreneurial start-up funding.


A portal who’s mission is “to connect entrepreneurs and investors”, and also showcases submitted videos on RaiseCapitalTV.


A portal which is an “online community of entrepreneurs to research, rate, and review funding sources worldwide”.


A “community powered capital” website that allows funding of ideas using crowd-powered techniques.  Members can submit ideas, and also vote on ones they like with a points-based system.  Winners get real financing.

Other Resources

These additional sites below offer similar resources to those listed above by operating as more of a listing or evaluation service without as much community-based interaction:

  • CapitalVector – offers a paid downloadable list
  • FundingUniverse – makes recommendations based on each funding needs situation
  • VCAonline – A listing service along with related tools sold to help in the pitching and funding aspects.
  • vFinance – A site that has both a VC search and an angel search.

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