Startup Rockstars #5 – DC lineup announced

The lineup for Startup Rockstars #5 is below – a great lineup including an update from past presenter Contribune.  The June 3 event is hosted by Latham & Watkins LLP (note – this is a change from the previous announcement of Qorvis) in Washington DC, which is the same location as the March 2009 event.

Please register here (click) (* Note: because of security requirements, your name needs to be on the list in order to enter the building. Please bring your ID)

There are a few additions to the format that are being worked on as well.

The list:

1. Contribune (
2. ThinkTalk Networks (
3. Legal River (
4. Revamped Media (
5. Genius Rocket (

We listened, and having a smaller lineup will allow keeping to the time schedule, and also allow more networking afterwards.

scene from Startup Rockstars #4 – March 2009 – Qorvis, Washington DC

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  4. […] And in writing this post, it occured that the reverse is true – and is part of the business model of companies such as Genius Rocket: to take the dream of one and allow the crowd to help fulfill it. (Genius Rocket presented at our June 2009 event). […]