Month: February 2010


3 Questions To Start Up Your Mornings

A new company takes care to plan their start-up phase very carefully.  It’s the beginning, and setting direction is important.  And every day we startup ourselves, but perhaps don’t usually think much about it.  Is there any guidance for entrepreneurs on how to kick off a new day?  And can these tactics be used by […]

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Startup Rockstars 8 Announced – Washington DC

Startup Rockstars #8 will be in Washington DC, on March 3, 2010.  The line-up of presenters for the first Startup Rockstars event this year will be announced later this month, along with other participants in the event.  The location is Latham & Watkins, in downtown DC. The sign-up for the event will be available on Eventbrite […]

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Startup Help Videos

Eventbrite’s Kevin Hartz – Vator TV Interview

We’ve used Eventbrite for ticketing for events, and have watched over the years as it has become a more popular platform.  Below is a video from Vator TV in which Eventbrite founder Kevin Hartz is interviewed, including discussing Xoom which he also founded. One of his quotes is to not spend too much time looking […]

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