8 Podcasts for Startups, plus bonuses

Finding your motivation as a new startup founder, evangelist, investor, rockstar… was easy. Maintaining it may or may not be easy. But, maintaining your awareness of your ecosystem is crucial.Podcasts For Rockstars logo

Why? Because facts, rumors, and trends will assist you in knowing how you and your project’s trajectory match up to your intended real world situations.

Why else? Because your ecosystem is where you are. You don’t have to spend a lot of time staying plugged in, and you may have people or tools to help you. One tool, which includes the people behind them, are podcasts.

The list of podcasts below can help with overall startup knowledge, from the beginning to the ramping up.

0. Ask Gary Vee – Gary Vaynerchuk’s searchable podcast of his answers to people’s questions.

1. This week in Startups – larger startups & ideas, and other concepts

2. Entrepreneur On Fire – motivational energy for ambitious people, via interviews

3. Startup Podcast – Series on starting a business

4. Startups For the Rest of Us – geared towards smaller & individual-based startups

5. Mixergy – 1000+ interviews

6. Youpreneur.FM – Chris Drucker on 21st century entrepreneur topics

7. Duct Tape Marketing – Lots of tips which startups can leverage, cheaply

Of course, you see the list ends at 7, not 8… and you already noticed why, right?  We started with zero… and went from there. #startupmindset.

Want more?  Here are some bonus listings which may not be as active (as of early April 2016):

A. Rocketship – last episode was February; archives have lots of content

B. Dorm Room Tycoon: Also quiet since February; interviews with thought leaders

B. 500 Startups Podcast – no updates in a year; episodes vary in length & topics

C. Seth Godin’s Startup School – dormant for 3+ years, it’s a workshop from a thought leader

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