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8 Podcasts for Startups, plus bonuses

Finding your motivation as a new startup founder, evangelist, investor, rockstar… was easy. Maintaining it may or may not be easy. But, maintaining your awareness of your ecosystem is crucial. Why? Because facts, rumors, and trends will assist you in knowing how you and your project’s trajectory match up to your intended real world situations. […]

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MOBILE TECH cocktail DC event comes to town

Next week on May 5 is the next TechCocktail event – of the mobile variety.  The MOBILE TECH cocktail DC event is coming to the area, via a gathering at Current Sushi in Washington DC. The attendees – mobile techies, gadget junkies, & others – will see a showcase and some development how-to’s for the […]

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DC Startup Showcase List 2009

This list is an attempt to round up in one place a snapshot of the DC and metropolitan Maryland & Northern Virginia startup presentations & demos that took place in 2009. If you are a tech startup (or thinking of starting): you can plug in now into the Mid-Atlantic region’s growing community, including events every […]

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Pitching Your Product, Service, Company Or Yourself, On TV

I’ve been on TV! Okay, not in any high-visibility sense, just stuff like local man-in-the-street footage, or lost in the crowd during a camera pan on the David Letterman show, etc.  It’s not something that was sought out. But, that might change, and so lately some research on the subject has been done.  As a […]

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