Startup Rockstars DC 3 — tomorrow night’s list

We’re all set for the Thursday, October 9th event at Viget Labs, where we’ll be holding the next Startup Rockstars night (a 1 Piazza event).  We’ll up the energy & networking that happened at the last event.  Including the 3+ ways this event has been promoted, we expect a nice turnout.  There will be live music from a local musician/documentary-maker to liven the atmosphere, some giveaways, and possibly a surprise speaker.

The list of presenters is –

  • evDeliv – We have signed up the best and most diverse selection of restaurants in Washington, DC so you can order anything from Pizza to Sushi. Our ordering process is straight forward and easy, and your credit and personal information is all stored safely on your own computer.
  • OurCoupleSpace – We help couples have stronger and happier relationships by tapping the wisdom of the best experts & the smartest couples.  Our vision is to become as much the choice of unhappy or bored couples seeking to save or revitalize their relationships as is the site of choice for singles seeking a mate.
  • ZippyJobs – Zippyjobs is the only local campus-based job site.  Our mission is quite simply to help college students earn cash and stay in school.
  • GamerVixens – Empowering Women, One Gamer at a Time.
  • BrandClik – BrandClik is a next generation in-text advertising platform designed to bolster the bottom line for online publishers, deliver increased results to advertisers while protecting their intellectual property and enhance the online experience for readers.  The approach is consumer friendly, non-confusing and provides a win-win situation for both content providers and advertisers.
  • CreateDebate – CreateDebate is a social debating web site that helps users make better decisions by understanding various viewpoints of a given issue.  Users can add evidence to their arguments from a variey of media, and the best arguments rise to the top of the debate through a democratic voting process.

Parts of the event will probably be streamed live (urls & updates to follow).

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