Motivational Mondays #2 – Bias Towards Action

Being motivated and taking action on your motivation are often two different areas.

Motivation is a feeling you can have. Action is actual activity that brings results (positive & negative).  Many are motivated, many dream, and relatively few take action. Anyone can have a lull in the action, and sometimes it just takes listening to others to get going again.

1. Think Big – Donald Trump: An audio clip of Trump discussing thinking big, staying focused, and momentum. Focus on the solution, not on the problem, and see an opportunity for what it is. Use frustration as a motivator. Be passionate, and see yourself as victorious.  “Never give up, never quit.”

2. Taking Action vs. Procrastination: Jeff Chavez. Why do we procrastinate?  Three suggestions: (1) we’re bored, (2) we’re overwhelmed, and (3) you’ve lost confidence.

3. Action Creates Energy: – In this video, more on action, in a discussion with peak performance expert Ed Tseng. Dr. Rob Gilbert states “Action creates energy” at just past the five minute mark in the clip, and mentions that energy level doesn’t have to be connected with how you feel.


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